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Deprecated Downloads are temporarily unavailable.

Current CEF3 branch builds are available for download from cefbuilds.com. See the included README.txt file for download-specific usage instructions.

The cefbuilds.com Website provides access to automated CEF3 branch builds. "Dev channel (trunk)" is the current development branch of CEF and is not recommended for production use. Listed after the development branch are numbered release branches in order from newest to oldest. Active development occurs primarily on the development branch and the newest numbered release branch ("dev release branch"). The second-newest numbered release branch ("stable release branch") is supported with crash/security bug fixes at least until the dev release branch reaches Chrome's stable channel. At that time the current dev release branch becomes the new stable release branch. The timing and creation of new CEF release branches matches approximately every other Chrome version. See here and here for information on Chrome release timing.

For example, if cefbuilds.com lists 2357, 2272, 2171, etc., then 2357 is the dev release branch, 2272 is the stable release branch and older branches (2171, etc.) are no longer supported/developed. When 2454 branch is added then it becomes the dev release branch, 2357 becomes the stable release branch and 2272 is no longer supported/developed.

CEF files are made available for download in the 7z archive format. A tool for extracting 7z files can be downloaded here or via the package manager on most Linux distributions.

For additional information or help using CEF please visit the Project Page or Forum.

Binary Distributions

Binary distributions, linked on cefbuilds.com as "CEF X.Y.Z.gHHHHHHH", include all files necessary to build a CEF-based application. This includes header files, library files, and source code for the cefclient and cefsimple test applications. Binary distribution files are named following the form "cef_binary_X.Y.Z.gHHHHHHH_platform.7z" where "X.Y.Z" is the version number, "HHHHHHH" is the Git revision hash for the build, and "platform" is the operating system. They are stand-alone archive files and do not require the download of CEF or Chromium source code. Instructions for using the binary distribution are available in the included README.txt file. Information about general build requirements, versioning and the CEF build process can be found here.

Test Applications

Test applications, linked on cefbuilds.com as "Test App", are binary builds of the cefclient test application using the associated binary distribution. Test application files follow the same naming structure as binary distributions but include the word "client" at the end of the file name. Instructions for running the test application are available in the included README.txt file. Source code for the test application is available in the binary distribution.

Symbol Files

Symbol files, linked on cefbuilds.com as "Debug Symbols" or "Release Symbols", provide symbol information for the associated Windows or Mac OS X binary distribution. Symbols for debug builds on Mac OS X and Linux are included in the binary distribution as part of the CEF dynamic library and not as a separate download. At this time symbol files are only available for the compiler version used to create the binary distribution. Symbol files follow the same naming structure as binary distributions but include the word "symbols" at the end of the file name. They should be extracted and placed in the application directory or app bundle next to the CEF binary file with the same or similar name.


Documentation for CEF3 can be found in the header files included with the binary distribution and on the CEF Wiki. API documentation can also be viewed online here.

Deprecated Downloads

This section provides access to older (deprecated) versions of CEF binary files. It is recommended that you instead download current versions from cefbuilds.com.

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